The “Pondera Online” Project aims to collect and study Greek, Roman and Byzantine weights that were produced in the ancient world between the mid-sixth century BCE and the mid-fifteen century CE. Nowadays, more than 15,000 weights dating from these two millennia are registered, half of them from public and private collections, half of them from archaeological excavations—but many weights remain unpublished.

No attempt for a global corpus of ancient weights has been made since the end of the 19th century. The available publications are either based on museum collections or archaeological sites; a few weights were also published in epigraphical corpuses. In most cases, the descriptions of weights are more or less accurate, but rarely complete; photographs are often not available.

Dispersed objects, disparate information and imprecise data together constitute a major obstacle to a comprehensive approach. Therefore, the “Pondera Online” Project is intended to fill a gap in the collection, standardization, and processing of these archaeological data, thanks to the creation of an open access database.

The “Pondera Online” Project was initiated by Pr. Charles Doyen, Research Associate at the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.–FNRS). The project has been funded for two years (2016–2018) by the F.R.S.–FNRS, and the present website is hosted by the University of Louvain (Belgium).

Contact and more information: charles.doyen [at] uclouvain.be